The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for managing the global pool of IP and AS numbers, as well as maintaining a collection of other Internet protocol parameters. This includes a registry for “Email Authentication Methods”.

What Has IANA Done for DMARC?

IANA has added an entry to the “Email Authentication Methods” registry for DMARC. Here’s what the entry looks like:

  • Method: DMARC. This is the name of the authentication method.
  • Defined: RFC 7489. This is the document that defines DMARC.
  • ptype: Header. This means the authentication method is applied to the header of the email.
  • Property: From. This is the part of the email header that the authentication method is applied to.
  • Value: The domain portion of the RFC5322.From field. This means the authentication method uses the domain part of the email address in the “From” field.
  • Status: Active. This means the authentication method is currently in use.
  • Version: 1. This is the version number of the authentication method.

Remember, this is a simplified explanation. In reality, using DMARC involves a lot of complex processes and technologies. But hopefully, this gives you a basic understanding of the IANA considerations for DMARC.

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