The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) maintains a registry for “Feedback Report Header Fields”. This registry includes field names that are used in feedback reports, like those generated by DMARC.

What Has IANA Done for DMARC?

IANA has added an entry to the “Feedback Report Header Fields” registry for DMARC. Here’s what the entry looks like:

Field Name: Identity-Alignment

  • This field indicates whether the message about which a report is being generated had any identifiers in alignment as defined in RFC 7489.
  • This field does not appear multiple times in a report.
  • This field is related to the “auth-failure” feedback type.
  • The reference for this field is RFC 7489.
  • The status of this field is current.

Remember, this is a simplified explanation. In reality, using DMARC involves a lot of complex processes and technologies. But hopefully, this gives you a basic understanding of the IANA considerations for DMARC feedback report header fields.

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